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Thursday, March 3, 2011

Teak Rugar

This is Teak, our 110 lb. lap -wanna be- dog.  He is three years old and is a wonderful, playful, lazy, snugly, Chocolate lab. 

I would recommend a Lab to any family looking to add a pet to their family. He was quite the handful when he was just a puppy, he would eat anything, including walls, yes walls!  Which reminds me we really need to fix the wall in Teaks room, otherwise known as the laundry room.   he is funny, every since we brought him home and we would leave to go somewhere we would put him in the laundry room. We did this because he would of eaten everything.  These days he will go to the laundry room and close the door himself.  He knows it is his room. 

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